Friday, January 15, 2016

age, travel, earphones

The driver who drove me to the bus station from the hotel was very chatty. Among other things, he asked me how old I was. He couldn't believe I was 30. He kept repeating, "You are 30! Are you sure? Wow." Then he said I looked very young, and nothing like what a 30 year should look like. I wonder how a 30 year old "should" look like. Finally he asked me the dreaded question, "How old do you think I am?" I am really bad at this game. I said, "I don't know, I am really bad at guessing ages. Maybe late 30s?" And he said, "I am 63." So, yes, I should never play this game. Though I should have been tipped off because earlier he mentioned he had a double bypass surgery. Late 30 year olds don't usually have double bypass surgeries. Anyway, when I was about to leave his cab, he said "and you smell really good too." I did not think under my many layers of clothing, my perfume still made way to the outside world. At the bus station, I waited for 45 minutes. It was frigid. The convention center doors were closed. Right after me in the line was an Indian guy, who came to Pittsburgh to interview for his medical residency. He is a doctor. We talked for a while. He flirted in a ridiculous sexist way quoting from antiquated Bollywood movies. I wanted to get away, but I thought that will be rude. So, when another Indian guy who was also at his interview joined him, I felt relieved to go back to my earphones. 

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